The ‘Blu Tack Bandit’ has 65 pages of criminal history

A COOLANGATTA carpet layer dubbed the Blu Tack Bandit has offered no explanation why he allegedly tried to steal cash from three Gold Coast ATMs when he appeared in court.

Gunay Seker, 51, did not enter a plea when he was denied bail in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday for two counts of attempted stealing, wilful damage and breaching bail.

Seker is accused of placing a sticky substance over the cash dispensing slot of ATMs in Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Beach and Nobby Beach.

He was charged on Sunday after CCTV footage of his alleged attempts was released.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair denied bail and said Seker was too high a risk of reoffending or failing to appear in court.

He said Seker's criminal history was 65 pages long.

Seker, who has a distinctive tattoo of a bird on his neck, did not react when his bail was denied.

He had pronounced bags under his eyes and his dark hair was dishevelled as he sat in the dock during his court appearance.

He was allegedly caught on CCTV placing a sticky substance on cash dispensing slots of multiple Gold Coast ATMs, preventing cash from coming out.

It was alleged Seker would then return to the ATM, removing the substance and try to take the money.

Seker did not make off with any cash, the court was told.

Defence lawyer Bill Siganto, of Legal Aid Queensland, said Seker would be defending all charges.

Seker currently lives with his girlfriend in a unit they share in Coolangatta.

Mr Signato said Seker was diagnosed with liver cancer nine months ago and had to attend crucial appointments in the coming months.

He said Seker had no access to his medication while in the watch-house.

The court was told Seker also had children whom he visited regularly.

The matter is set to return to court on March 12.