There is no such place as the suburb of Hervey Bay. It should be known as the CBD so that it can be recognised by the world.
There is no such place as the suburb of Hervey Bay. It should be known as the CBD so that it can be recognised by the world. Karleila Thomsen

Confusion an insult to Hervey Bay

LEADING local developer Glen Winney has called for a concerted effort to resolve the confusion that surrounds the name Hervey Bay.

Following a Chronicle article on GPS giant Navman agreeing to incorporate Hervey Bay into its data base, Mr Winney labelled the Hervey Bay brand as one of our most under-utilised assets.

Navman GPS systems have announced it will rectify its previous snub of Hervey Bay by the end of the year allowing the name to be searched as both a city and a suburb.

But Mr Winney, one of the first local developers to emerge as a major player in the construction industry on the Fraser Coast, said the measure was not a solution merely a small indication of how big a problem Hervey Bay faced.

“I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of the real issue – there is no such place as the suburb of Hervey Bay,” Mr Winney said.

“It's only a body of water. There is Maryborough, Bundaberg, and Gympie among others, but Hervey Bay hasn't woken up to the fact that we don't exist.

“That is why we are missing out on thousands of small marketing opportunities like Navman.”

Mr Winney was referring to the lack of profile plaguing Hervey Bay both in the digital world and mapping generally.

Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger agreed it was a puzzling situation but said name change attempts were often bogged down by the glacial progress of the responsible arm of the Department of Environment and Resources.

One example of the mapping problems with Hervey Bay can be found on the main map illustrating the directory area for the White and Yellow pages telephone book produced by Telstra.

Bundaberg and Gympie sit in heavy black type clearly announcing the cities' location.

Many software spell check systems will pass Bundaberg and Gympie but will red flag the Hervey in Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay floats in a yellow box above Fraser Island on the map and refers the user to other location maps.

Hervey Bay is, however, mentioned on the front cover of the Telstra directory.

The RACQ trip planner does permit a search for Hervey Bay, but this fades as your trip draws to a close and with no suburb of Hervey Bay the planner directs you to Cypress St in Torquay as the end point of your destination.

“The problem we have is we need a suburb or CBD area officially named ‘Hervey Bay' so we can identify ourselves to the world,” Mr Winney said.

“Perhaps (the) council could use the identified CBD town planning map as the suburb (or) call it Hervey Bay CBD, not Pialba CBD.

“Hervey Bay has more than twice the population of Maryborough and gets over one million tourists here a year who want to know the weather.

“Image how much free advertising we could get for Hervey Bay if it became a key search word on all these sites.”