A community group has started to tackle the issue of wild dogs.
A community group has started to tackle the issue of wild dogs. NSW Office of Environment and He

Community to tackle wild dog problem

RECENT concerns about increasing numbers and boldness of wild dogs has led to a Casino farmer setting up a community action group designed to tackle the feral animal problem head-on.

The inaugural meeting of the Northern Rivers Wild Dog Control Association held at Mummulgum last week, 40 people turn up to discuss the issue.

Tom Amey who founded the NRWDCA, said the gathering was well attended by producers, baiting group coordinators, shooters and trappers who discussed several issues.

"The most important (decision) was that the wild dog baiting groups support the NRWDCA in gaining funding to employ trappers and shooters to follow on from the Local Land Services biannual baiting programme," he said.

"North-east NSW wild dog facilitator, Mr (Dave) Worlsey said it is well-documented by the Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre that a combination of control measures incorporating baiting, trapping and shooting is the most effective means of managing wild dog numbers and keeping them at a level acceptable to the community."

Mr Amey said the NRWDCA encourages producers to form baiting groups and employing a coordinated baiting programme.

"The group will be seeking funding to reward trappers and shooters to control the older more cunning dogs who will not eat baits," he said.

"After the demonstration of FeralScan by David Worsley, many producers saw the benefits to their groups wild dog management programmes and downloaded the app."

Mr Amey said anyone having problems with wild dogs to call their LLS office on 1300795299 with the number of dogs sighted, a description and the damage they caused.

"If you wish to form a baiting group please text me on 0429 624909 and I will give assistance," he said.

The producers were also reminded of the impact of wild dogs in the spread of the cattle reproductive disease caused by neospora.