THERE were smiles all around as the crew from Ozharvest Coffs Harbour watched their newly donated goods be delivered.

Thanks to Harvey Norman and Elextrolux, Ozharvest, who currently feed over 600 homeless and disadvantaged people in Coffs Harbour, can continue to grow with the help of a donated freezer, fridge and dishwasher.

"Because of the freezer, we can now collect frozen food which we haven't been able to do before. Woolworths are willing to give us meat so we have been waiting for a freezer for awhile and are so appreciative we can now do it," said Julie Ferguson, coordinator of Ozharvest Coffs Harbour.

"This is going to help feed so many people. There are a lot people who are hungry here in Coffs Harbour and having these appliances will add to their diet now that we can add meat.

"It means so much to us, we have funding applications in for a cool room and are presently using three old fridges in our shed.

"When we get the cool room, the old fridges will be donated to charity and the new one Harvey Norman has so gratefully donated to us will be here for everyone to use.

"The dishwasher will be for hygiene purposes, we have containers that we need to clean all the time and keep within food safety guidelines.

Peter Mitchell, Harvey Norman Electrical franchisee said when he heard what Julie does locally, it hit home about how much of a difference she was making and thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something.

"I just can't believe she puts all of this time in and it's all her own time. She doesn't get paid for it, her time is just completely donated and she does such an amazing thing for these people.