The public rushed in to state their opinions dduring today's Jetty Foreshores gathering.
The public rushed in to state their opinions dduring today's Jetty Foreshores gathering. Leigh Jensen

Coffs Jetty Foreshores - the people have their say

WHILE taking his granddaughter to Jetty Beach for a morning swim, Coffs Harbour businessman Warren Skinner stopped off at Harbourside Markets today to step inside the tent and get a sneak peak at the initial design concepts for the precinct.

Agreeing the ideas on display were just another stage in a long-running debate, he commended the effort to increase the beautification process.

"The first thing I'd like to see is a safe, clean beach that you can come to 24 hours a day and not feel worried," he said.

"Whatever can be done to improve the area is long overdue and I support any fair-minded moves to give locals and tourists something worthwhile to enjoy.

"My family has lived here for over 20 years now and it's been crying out for attention.

"While there's not all that much money for major projects, start by taking small steps and see what the future brings."

Those views were common among citizens dropping written comments into the feedback boxes provided.

Obviously, opinions varied about what was appropriate but the overwhelming feeling was positive and respectful.

There was no sign of the bitter disputes and catcalling that was been a feature at some gatherings in recent weeks.

"I don't want to see any tourist or visitor accommodation at the northern end of the Jetty," Sue Simms told the Coffs Coast Advocate.

"Instead I would like to see a large tourist information centre that is interpretive and carries a history of the area.

"Two things I do like in the plans are vegetation plantings and pathways for cyclists and pedestrians."

Annette Ryan expressed her thanks to those responsible for getting discussions to the current stage.

"I've lived here a long time and have wanted very much to see this arrive," she said.

"Speaking to an attendant I mentioned I hope they can eventually get around to looking at the quarry which would make a lovely amphitheatre."

Ms Ryan applauded those who attempted the task, knowing the difficulties face.

"There are so many people they have to please.

"Also, I hope enough trees are removed so that we can finally see the ocean.

"When we eventually go for a walk along the boardwalk it's not that you need to see the ocean all the time but you need to see it reasonable well.

After watching the fluctuating debate since arriving in Coffs Harbour in 1992, Spencer Bruskin had to say " ... get on with it.

"How many proposals have come and gone?

"Shot down and objected to?

"This is the jewel of the town, right here, and just do anything to make it more people-friendly, more attractive and get people down here."

He also had some advice for those less than enamoured by a Jetty Foreshores facelift.

"As for all the conspiracy theories and such - go take a cold shower."