An artist's impression of the development.
An artist's impression of the development. supplied

Coffs Harbour CBD revamp revealed

SHOPPERS start your trolleys - this is what the eastern end of the Coffs Harbour CBD will soon look like.

The artist's impression of what the revamped Palms Shopping will look like was revealed to Thursday night's meeting of the Coffs Harbour City Council by the CEO of Gowings, Garth Grundy.

In doing so he also revealed a pedestrian entrance from Gordon Street and a name change for the shopping complex - Coffs Central.

"A coat of paint isn't going to fix it," Mr Grundy said.

Gowings, he said, wants to create a shopping district that is much more appealing to the eye.

Instead of the current wall that greets shoppers approaching Coffs Central from the east, customers will be invited in to a revitalised centre by shopfronts featuring floor to ceiling glass.

"We can't do it behind a concrete wall, we've got to open the centre up," Mr Grundy explained to councillors.

Retail manager Julie Smith added that the improvements to the area formerly occupied by Coles provide a tremendous chance for the centre.

"There is an opportunity to create an architectural masthead on the most prominent intersection in the CBD to provide a springboard for the revitalisation of the City Centre," Mrs Smith said.

Mrs Smith explained that the revitalisation project will also provide a boon for other business owners in the CBD.

"The proposed expansion is an extension of the currently approved Development Application to open the Centre to enhance its connectivity to the CBD and activation of Harbour Drive," she added.

"We are working to create a more experiential shopping and dining destination that will promote after hours and weekend trading."