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Coffs Coast shares it bouquets and brickbats

THUMBS DOWN: TO my landlord who refuses to put a screen door on my balcony to create a cross breeze.

I cannot have the door open because wasps, moths and every other insect family comes in.

This includes mosquitoes where I get huge welts from them. I have been here for four years now and have been asking since the start.

Jade Kemppi

Reply on Facebook: Can you use the temporary screens that magnet back together?

Hollie Anne Edwards

Reply on Facebook: Time to move. Inconsiderate landlords. Takes the rent but wont do anything to help the tenant.

Storme Amiet

THUMBS UP: TO the guys who helped the poor fella who's car broke down going through Coffs Central.

Meaghan Shipman

Reply on Facebook: It was a horrible place to break down and the bloke that helped me is an absolute legend! Was about to comment thank you haha.

Thumbs up to the bloke who helped me when my car broke down.

You're an absolute legend, not only did he help try to start my car he directed traffic then pushed my car into a safe parking spot.

Also thanks to everyone who was delayed for your patience and understanding.

Josh Landow

Reply on Facebook: Unfortunate about your car, but nice to see there is still good people in this world.

Meaghan Shipman

THUMBS UP: TO the Coffs Harbour hospital. I attended the ED with severe pain in my back and left arm, I was placed in the EMU and the service was great.

I stayed there for two days whilst they worked out the problem after an MRI they new exactly what the problem was and administered the correct medication and I was able to go home.

Pamela Hughes

THUMBS UP:TO Ingenia Beach Hopp. Great fun.

Pauline Joyce

THUMBS UP:TO Bridgestone Tyres at Homebase. Cheapest quote, fast and very friendly service.

Four new tyres on the Pajero and a wheel alignment, drives just beautiful now.

Highly recommend Neil and the team.

Sue Hogbin

THUMBS UP: TO Moonee Beach Vet. Our lab was bitten by a red belly black snake and they were the after call vets. The girls were amazing.

Thank you so much for helping our much loved girl and keeping her here for us.

Jacinda Gleeson

THUMBS DOWN: TO my neighbour in Mardells Rd who lets his two dogs roam on our property and chase my horses and the roos.

He has been reported and I have returned them many times and asked nicely that they be tied up.

Zaiga Deist

THUMBS UP: TO the staff working at Supercheap on Saturday on February 2. Very helpful to both customers and each other.

Catherine Ann Cooksley

THUMBS UP: TO Joshua James for always giving his personal best.

Braden Sparrow

THUMBS UP: TO the lady at Woolies at the plaza who shouted me when I left my cash in the slot....thank you so much.

Cecilia O'Neill

THUMBS UP: TO the young guy who works the service desk at Country Meats.

You have exceptional customer and personal service skills and also the rest of the team. I always feel like a valued customer.

Ashlee Cowling

Reply on Facebook: Agree.

Kim Pasterfield

Reply on Facebook: He is awesome.

Rhiana Doyle

Reply on Facebook: Agreed. Jake is the best.

Samantha Wills

Reply on Facebook: Thank you very much guys it means a lot, we have a great team at the moment Lockie Harris and Denzel Briscoe I hope everyone has a great day.

Jake Zahner

THUMBS UP: TO Liberty Providores Urunga for being a groovy little spot to have a coffee and snack whilst out for motorbike ride.

Soo Bhuana

THUMBS UP: TO Commonwealth Carelink Respite for a lovely high tea. The generous vouchers and the support you offer those in caring roles.

Joy Dibley

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.
Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. .

THUMBS UP: TO Sawtell Wednesday ladies golfers. Thank you for making Cara very welcome.

She loves playing with you.

Francine Reeves

THUMBS DOWN: TO the family of grubs who left mid-movie on Saturday nights' Cinema Under The Stars at Coffs Harbour Showground.

When the lights came on we all saw the rubbish you left behind. Shame on you.

Carolyn Stevenson

THUMBS UP: TO Newcastle Permanents' Cinema Under The Stars at Coffs Harbour Showground. Free family fun enjoyed by many. Thank you.

Carolyn Stevenson

THUMBS UP: TO all the lovely patients that I have looked after lately in hospital.

We often don't get to thank you. It's refreshing when you get people who genuinely acknowledge what nurses do for them in their time of need.

Zoe Collins

THUMBS DOWN: TO the filthy grubs who dumped about 10 garbage bags full of their rubbish on the side of the road just north of the Bangalor bridge on Hogbin Dr because they didn't want to pay a measly $13 to dispose of it correctly.

Danielle Kelly

THUMBS UP: TO all the kids have had a terrific start to the new school year. Well done.

Lisa Carey

THUMBS UP: TO the ladies at the Hideaway Cafe. The best kept secret in Coffs. Your service is only surpassed by the amazing quality of your food.

Violet Rose Ifans McDonald

THUMBS UP: TO RM who spent over three hours with his metal detector on Monday public holiday finding my ring in Park Beach reserve creek.

Thank you so much the sentimental value was huge to me

Lesley Page

THUMBS UP: TO Jackie from Lorna Jane in Parkbeach Plaza. Such kind and honest customer service.

Michelle A. Accadia

THUMBS UP: TO Cafe180 and their highly tolerant menu.

I find it hard being gluten and dairy intolerant to eat out, but they always make me feel so welcome and no problem to them. It's amazing how that makes a difficult eater feel so thank you so much.

Jules Clyde