Onno Knol pleaded guilty to two counta of assault occasioning bodily harm.
Onno Knol pleaded guilty to two counta of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Coast's 'Grinch' on parole after vicious attacks on women

A WOMAN who found nasty messages about herself on her boyfriend's phone copped three vicious headbutts for having a snoop.

Onno James Knol has spent the past 168 days in jail for an assault at Caloundra in March over text messages.

On Thursday Knol pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard on the second occasion Knol's girlfriend was watching videos on his phone when she went through his messages.

She found nasty texts between him and his ex-girlfriend about her and decided to confront him.

The pair were arguing when Knol tipped over the couch the woman was sitting on, pinned her to the ground and head-butted her three times.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said if that wasn't enough, he finished the assault by throwing a handbag at her head.

Magistrate McLaughlin said Knol was a bully and "cowardly".

He also said Knol "made the Grinch look like a nice guy" over an assault on Christmas Day in 2017.

About 10.30am Knol's neighbours were playing loud music, but the Caloundra man wasn't feeling festive.

The court heard he became "enraged", went next door and told the occupants to keep it down. It sparked an argument and Knol hurled a glass bottle full of liquid on to the ground.

Magistrate McLaughin said the glass smashed on impact and a flying fragment struck his neighbour in the head and cut her ear.

He said he accepted Knol didn't mean to hurt the woman but called his behaviour "stupid".

Knol was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment with immediate parole release.

A conviction was recorded.