NOT SO SWEET: The 'for sale' is in the window of another local retail business.
NOT SO SWEET: The 'for sale' is in the window of another local retail business. Rachel Vercoe

Closing is such sweet sorrow

THE for sale sign went up before Christmas but there have been few nibbles on this retail business affectionately nicknamed by regulars as "the lolly shop”.

With no buyer in sight, it looks like the doors of Harbour Sweets, on the ground floor of Coffs Central, will close next month.

"Our lease runs out on May 5. We don't want the commitment of another long lease so, if we haven't found a buyer in that time, we will just close the door for good,” Robyn Jenkins said.

Wearing a bright pink shirt and a big, bright smile, Robyn has been standing behind the counter serving up sweet treats for years.

"I worked for the previous owner for 10 years, it was known as Darrell Lea back then, and took over the business in partnership with my husband Peter 14 years ago,” Robyn said.

"I've loved working here but it's time to move on.

"Peter wants to retire and play lots more golf but I haven't made any plans yet, you could say I'm 'on the market' too.”

Robyn from Harbour Sweets in Coffs Central.
Sweet treats on the shelves at the 'lolly shop'. Rachel Vercoe

The old-fashioned scale on the counter and rows of glass jars filled with sweets lining the shelves will soon be gone and lovers of Darrell Lea chocolates will have to find a new fix, as Harbour Sweets was the only local shop stocking a selection of the iconic Australian brand.

"We supported a lot of Australian brands as well as bringing in an international section and more unusual products. It's sad to say goodbye to the shop and our customers but it's been a wonderful business to be in - everyone is always happy when they come into a sweet shop.”

If you fancy being in the sweet business of owning a lolly shop, contact Robyn and Peter on 6652 5897.