Students protesting in November 2018 to demand the government take action on climate change
Students protesting in November 2018 to demand the government take action on climate change

Climate striking students face trouble

EDUCATION chiefs have warned students skipping school to attend an activist-promoted "climate change strike" next month that they will be marked absent and face disciplinary action.

And radical teachers egging on their students may also face punishment, after it emerged on Monday some are signing petitions attempting to pressure children to join the strike.

The Daily Telegraph revealed the hard-line, taxpayer-funded Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) has links to a website promoting the March 15 strike.

The website,, which shares the same phone number as AYCC's media officer, is sending emails to students telling them their teachers are  signing a petition "applauding" them for planning to truant.

The petition has been signed by at least eight NSW teachers.

The alarmist document being circulated, titled Teachers and parents in solidarity with the school strike for climate, claims "if trends continue the coming years will see frighteningly incessant and violent events".

On Monday night a NSW Education spokesman said all staff were "expected to follow the code of conduct, which includes the regulation of political, community and personal activities".

"Teachers found in breach of this code may face disciplinary action," he said. "Any student not in classes on a school day will be marked absent and may be subject to the school's disciplinary code."

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes said the code of conduct "clearly states teachers are to remain neutral on all political matters and have a duty of care to keep students in school during school hours".

"Teachers found to be in breach of the code of conduct may face disciplinary action," Mr Stokes said.

The strike - being co-ordinated around the globe - follows last year's rallies, where thousands of children were used to attack the Adani coal mine and promote climate change politics.

The AYCC-linked posted a statement responding to Monday's report saying they were not "controlled or directed" by anyone, adding it had asked charities for support.