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CLARENCE CHATTERBOX: Serena's bra tester snug fit for a job

PERUSING the news online the other day I came across the headline "I was Serena's bra tester". Of course, with such an obscure headline like that I had to click through and read. Bottom line was that years ago this woman was employed by the Australian Institute of Sport to test bras that would later be worn by Serena Williams. I'm not sure what you put on medical forms and passport documentation in the line that says "Occupation".

This got me thinking, Is this one of the most obscure jobs in the world? After a bit more research actually, it is quite pedestrian compared to some.

You have got to feel sorry for the Presidential Poison Taster. Certain American presidents employ security or FBI agents to taste their meals before they eat just in case there is an attempt on the life through poisoning. I hope the food is good as you never know which meal may be your last.


Golf Ball Divers: We all know the hazard of the water traps, but did you know that some professional golf ball divers can make up to $100,000 annually. Probably not such a popular vocation in crocodile and alligator territory.


Professional Sleeper: Sign me up now. These lucky few take part in sleep studies and research. The ultimate excuse for yawning on the job.


Shark Tank Cleaner: I think the wait list is short for this one.


Fortune Cookie Writer: Only people with small hands and fingers need apply.


Professional Mattress Jumper: I would have loved these many years ago. Now I am more likely to use the mattress for the position of professional sleeper.


Bicycle Fisher: In Amsterdam there are 165 canals and obviously not a lot of off-street parking for bike riders, so the Amsterdam water authority pays people to fish the bikes out of the canals.


Professional Snuggler: Cuddle cafes first opened in Japan a few years ago and recently have appeared in some parts of America. In Japan, you can sleep next to a professional snuggler for about US$30 per hour.

Pretty high up on the gross scale is Professional Pet Food Taster. Apparently, these people are hired to taste your four-legged friends' food before they do. I guess it makes sense, its not like your dog could give the pet companies feedback.

If you like to frock up and can spin a yarn then this one is for you.

In the USA if you are about to walk down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams but you are a bit light on friends for the bridal party you can hire yourself a Professional Bridesmaid.

They will make up stories about how you both grew up in the same neighbourhood, went to college together and have been life-long friends. Might be a better option than your real friends who are going to drink too much and tell true embarrassing stories.