Clancy to quiz MP on environment

THE GREENS plan to quiz the newly endorsed Nationals candidate for Clarence Chris Gulaptis over the NSW Government's environmental policy, says rival Dr Greg Clancy.

On Friday the Nationals announced Mr Gulaptis, who has held the seat since winning it in a by-election in 2011, would be the candidate for the March 2019 poll.

Dr Clancy said he welcomed running against Mr Gulaptis.

"Good on him for standing again," he said. "I'm looking forward to debating him on the important issues confronting the electorate and NSW."

He said the government's change to land clearing laws in this term of parliament has led to some negative outcomes.

"I've just returned from a trip to Mt Isa where I have seen effect of the land clearing in Queensland after the (former) Newman government's changes," he said.

"You can see the effect of it everywhere. It seems like everyone's clearing land as fast as they can.

"Now that Labor's in, I think they're trying to overturn those laws."

Dr Clancy said the NSW Government's new land clearing laws were also beginning to bite.

"There's a few positives, but overall the negatives outweigh them," he said.

"They've got this idea that somehow you can offset the clearing by making an environmental concession elsewhere.

"Or you can pay money to offset the environmental damage. That's just ignoring the fact that you're allowing one area to be damaged and pushing those effects to one side."

He did welcome the government's decision to look at future of the state's koala population. "Focussing on what's happening to koalas is good," he said.

"It allows discussion on what happens to endangered species. Even those species that aren't cute and cuddly, but still play an important role."