House Rules contestants Claire and Hagan.
House Rules contestants Claire and Hagan. Jeremy Greive

Claire and Hagan get their dream family home on House Rules

DALBY twins Luke and Cody Cook are now sitting pretty on the top of the House Rules leader board after helping to deliver mates Claire and Hagan their dream home.

Tonight's house reveal was the reality reno show's most emotional to date, with the young parents moved to tears by the second story addition to their tiny Mornington Peninsula home.

There were also tears from Rose as she and Navy husband Rob, who butted heads with most of the other teams, when they were eliminated as the lowest scoring team from round one.

The judges called the teams' epic renovation a triumph.

Spending the week camping out in a tent after they were the lowest scoring team last week gave brothers Luke and Cody the motivation they needed.

They earned perfect scores of 10 from the judges and homeowners for their innovative upcycling of a bicycle into a pendant light and a wooden headboard  and feature wall for the master bedroom.

Luke and Cody's upcycled bike pendant light is a winner on House Rules.
Luke and Cody's upcycled bike pendant light is a winner on House Rules. Contributed

"This is you two back to your best," judge Wendy Moore told the brothers, whom she said perfectly interpreted Claire and Hagan's house rules.

Joe Snell told the Dalby twins he wished he could give them an 11 out of 10.

The brothers won't be able to rest on their laurels, though, with the leader board wiped clean for round two.

Tomorrow night the remaining five teams will return to their homes for a 24-hour fix up challenge.


House Rules Round 1 leader board

Luke & Cody (Qld): 118 points

Fil & Joe (VIC): 116 points

Brooke & Michelle (SA): 110 points

Nancy & Daniel (NSW): 107 points

Claire & Hagan (VIC): 105 points

Rose & Rob (WA): 103 points