Noel Nelson stand in front of the church he had only just repainted when it was vandalised.
Noel Nelson stand in front of the church he had only just repainted when it was vandalised. TREVOR VEALE

Church vandalism leaves parishioners outraged

"F--- COPS" is the sentiment a vandal has left on a local historic church.

Parishioners of the Nana Glen Anglican church have been left outraged after it was discovered the building had been desecrated with obscene language and anti-police scrawls earlier this week.

Noel Nelson in particular is devastated the church he's been going to for the last 50 years has been vandalised. The elderly Nana Glen local had only just finished re-painting the St Peter's Church.

The vandal - or vandals - appear to have spray-painted graffiti on the facade of the Grafton St building and bell tower with words Mr Nelson admitted are "not printable".

"Two of us had painted that church, my son also came and gave us a hand one day. It looked so nice, now it's covered in garbage," he said. "I tried everything from water to turps but it just wouldn't wash off."

The vandalism is reminiscent of the fire at Glenreagh's St Paul's Catholic Church last year, which saw a teenager charged with arson after the historic church was destroyed.

But it appears the Nana Glen culprit didn't stop at the church as the graffiti, believed to have been painted sometime between Monday and Tuesday, can be seen trailing haphazardly along some streets.

"It's all over the windows, around the side of the church, on the bell tower, and on the noticeboard which is very high," Mr Nelson said. "But they've also graffitied the noticeboard at the nearby community hall, and you can see the vandalism down the street."

Mr Nelson, who moved to Nana Glen with his wife in 1969, said he has reported the vandalism to police.

"These are words you wouldn't want to hear on TV."

"We had only just re-painted the church. Where do we go from here?"