Christmas tree takes a hit

CHRISTMAS day was quite a cracker for Hayden Price of Bonville.

After enjoying a barbecue Christmas lunch, because like many Bonville locals he was without power thanks to the storm hitting our region late Christmas eve, Hayden was just chilling on his veranda.

"It was about 1.30pm and I was half dozing when this sound like a bomb woke me up, it gave me quite a fright,” he said.

"A bolt of lighting struck a 100ft New Caledonia Pine tree that is in our yard about 50 metres from the house. It corkscrewed through the centre of the tree and speared part of it to the ground. It scattered timber all over the yard - pieces of it even landed on the roof.”

All that's left of the once tall tree is a jagged trunk and plenty of debris.

"We've been pretty lucky; if it had happened a minute earlier my neighbour could have been hit. Luckily no one was standing near the tree when the lighting hit.”