'Child abducted, sexually assaulted. But we don't care'

A YOUNG child is  allegedly dragged into scrubland and sexually assaulted while walking home.

This one line should produce outrage across Australia but it is likely that you didn't hear about it.

Because this horrific crime allegedly occurred at a town camp in Alice Springs, not in your town or suburb.

Today in Parliament, Sunshine Coast MP Mal Brough  stood in support of comments made by Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles.

The main question he posed is an important one - if this had been a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl would it have made front page news across the country?

It's likely that it would have, and so it should. Horrific crimes such as the one alleged in Northern Territory should be met with outrage across the country.

"We as a nation need to think why, whether subconsciously or consciously, we value one child over another. Every child, every person in Australia needs to be equally valued,'' Mr Brough said.

"In my time as Indigenous Affairs Minister in the Howard Government I looked into the eyes of children who had been the victims of similar crimes and their pain is real.

"Their pain is equal to that of a child in your town or suburb.

"The pain of their parents and their community is real and one which needs to be equally valued and addressed.

"We as a nation need to draw a line in the sand. All of us; media, Government, authorities and the community as a whole must stop and think about our values and the protection of all of our children."