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Man shoves booze haul down pants, gets caught

A "DESPERATE" financial worker with expensive tastes was caught with more than $400 of high-end grog down his trousers.

John Croyden Moore, 36, was down on his luck on his birthday last month and in need of a celebration to boost his spirits.

A six-pack of lager would not do for the unemployed New South Welshman; he and a mate instead perused the spirit aisle of a Smithfield liquor store and loaded up.

"They collectively put six bottles of liquor in their pants without paying," police prosecutor Natalie Keys yesterday told Cairns Magistrates Court.

Moore and his co-accused had selected a "rather expensive" collection including cognac, Tanqueray gin and other top-shelf drops.

Between them, more than $800 of grog clinked its way under their waistbands and out the doors.

Tipped off by the pair's shoes and tattoos on CCTV, police searched Moore's North Cairns residence - but the missing spirits had been long quaffed.

Moore pleaded guilty to stealing.

"He was broke, desperate and it was his birthday," Michael Finch, defending, said.

"He has no history of dishonesty."

Mr Finch did concede that his client had served time previously in the NSW prison system.

Magistrate Sandra Pearson said Moore's birthday heist was "absolute stupidity".

"I am willing not to record a conviction given the time between trouble," Ms Pearson said.

She warned he would not get a second chance and fined him $400.

He was ordered to repay Dan Murphy $407.

Moore's co-accused will face court today.