A PAIR of adulterous lovers have been publicly shamed after getting stuck together during sex - reportedly the result of a voodoo curse.

The amorous couple were in the middle of an intimate tryst in the Daraja Mbili area of Kisii, western Kenya, when the man suddenly found himself unable to detach from his partner.

Their cries attracted the attention of their neighbours and soon a crowd gathered around the house.

Video footage shows the pair being carried outside as more and more people gather to see the shamed lovers, still locked together and draped only in sheets.

Local media reported that the woman's husband, suspecting she was cheating, had secretly given her a concoction prepared by a witch doctor.

It was designed to make the lovers inseparable and render proof of their guilt.

On the husband's instructions, the pair were taken to the witch doctor, who separated them.

But before agreeing to reverse the curse, the witch doctor made the woman's lover pay a fine.

The witch doctor told media in Kenya that the incident should serve as a lesson to others cheating on their partners.

- NZ Herald