Chaos on Toowoomba range as truck smashes into cars

SIX people have been taken to hospital after a truck allegedly lost control going down the Toowoomba range on Monday afternoon.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said emergency services received a phone call about the incident at about 1.05pm.

"It looks like a truck was coming down the range and lost control for some unknown reason," the spokesman said.

"The truck struck about four or five cars on the way down.

"There were no serious injuries, but an elderly lady had to be cut out of her vehicle."

The police spokesman said the 6 tonne body dozer truck was still on the Range, though traffic was being diverted around the truck.

It is understood the driver is likely to be charged with driving without care for other road users. 

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said the six people injured were all taken to Toowoomba Hospital in a stable condition.

"There was a female with neck, shoulder and hip pain and another female had seatbelt injuries," the spokesman said.

"Two males had superficial injuries and a fifth patient had hip pain.

"The last patient (the elderly female) required extraction with the help of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service and had shoulder, neck and back pain." 

The Queensland Traffic Network also reported an oil spill on the highway near Redwood.