CHALLENGE a 15-year-old girl to stay silent for 40 hours and few would think it was possible.

But Faith Lutheran College student Sidney Kliendienst is determined to not say a word to help feed a family in poverty-stricken Kenya.

Sidney is doing the 40-hour Famine, with a twist.

"Just $40 can feed a family for a month and for me, that's such a big thing," she said.

"I'm hoping to raise about $480 which can feed a family of six for a whole year."

Inspired by her cousin who sponsors a young boy in Kenya, Sidney said any funds went a long way to helping starving families.

Her mother, Andrea Kliendienst said Sidney loved to talk, but was impressed by her determination.

"I'm supportive, but she does love to talk," she said.

"I'm sure she'll have a pen and paper at the ready."

To contribute, visit World Vision and search Sidney Kliendienst.