South Solitary Island Lighthouse.
South Solitary Island Lighthouse.

Celebrating iconic lighthouse’s 140th anniversary

A FLOTILLA of powerboats and yachts will set sail this weekend, marking the 140th anniversary of the South Solitary Islands Lighthouse.

Now considered one of the most isolated lighthouses in NSW, its rich history stems back to its construction in 1880, when keepers could only communicate with the mainland with a signal lamp or heliograph.

The lighthouse was automated in 1975, and today the island is only accessible to the public for two weekends a year.

On Sunday, March 15, the Yacht Club and Friends of the South Solitary Island Lighthouse (FOSSIL) are holding a sail out to the island and back to celebrate the lighthouse's anniversary.

Fundraising on the day will be put towards the FOSSIL volunteers who are undertaking restoration works on the original lighthouse keepers' homes.

Sailing and motor boats are all welcome to the regatta starting at 10am.

Everyone is then welcome to get back and support the Yacht Club with a barbecue and drinks on offer.

For more information, call the Yacht Club on 6652 4390.