Cars affected by floodwaters need to be checked for safety

HAS your car been playing up a little since the rain hit the Coffs Coast last week?

Motorists whose cars were affected by recent floods and rain are being urged to have their vehicles checked by a mechanic to avoid safety issues and costly repairs.

While most on the Coffs Coast escaped relatively unharmed last week, if floodwater reached the lower levels of car doors or entered the interior, it's important to take the vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Even minor water damage to cars could cause serious defects, jeopardising their safety.

Damage to your vehicle could include:

  • Water in mechanical components such as the transmission, which could affect oils and lead to expensive failures
  • Water in the cabin could affect complex electrical systems commonly found in late model vehicles, such as engine management, transmission operation and other major systems
  • A build up of debris under the vehicle could damage mechanical components or lead to clogging of cooling systems and overheating
  • Contaminated fluids could damage key components such as steering and brakes
  • Water in the engine bay could contaminate oil and lead to severe and expensive damage
  • Water in the fuel tanks could stop the vehicle from running - diesel fuel systems are particularly sensitive to water contamination.