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Car park stack: Nothing a Bunnings' sausage sizzle won't fix

IF your dash cam captured you tripping over in a car park, would you share it online for the world to see?

This guy has.

Stephen, as he is identified in the post on Dash Cam Owners Australia's Facebook page, has shared footage of the moment he tripped over another customer's timber in a Bunnings' parking lot.

Dash Cam Owners Australia then shared it with their half a million followers.


The video starts with a man wheeling a trolley with a few long lengths of timber on it across a Bunnings' car park to his vehicle.

Stephen then gets out of his car and makes his way towards the entrance, beyond the man's trolley.

For the first few steps he is looking down, seemingly sorting his belongings.

Next he looks to the right, at the man loading the timber onto his car.

Then he walks right into the man's two remaining lengths of timber on the trolley.

They break on impact as Stephen goes over the top of them and ends up on his back in the middle of the car park.

The man rushes to his aid, helping him to his feet. 

Stephen clearly whacked his shins good, as he gives them a rub before giving the guy a wave and walking away.

The guy then returns to loading his now-broken pieces of timber.

"Oh the things that parking mode captures. Probably not the sort of thing you were hoping to capture Stephen but at least you saw the humor in it," Dash Cam Owners Australia wrote on the post.

Agreed. Thanks for the laugh, Stephen!