A Gold Coast man glued his ex-wife's car doors shut with industrial glue - it was just one part of an almost six month reign of terror.

Robert Graham Johnson completely wrote off his former partner' car when he used an industrial sealant to jam shut every single door on the woman's car in mid 2017.

Johnson, 40, also sent a number of chilling text messages to the woman.

"Watch behind you," he wrote to her using a pay phone.

Other messages included "not sleep for the wicked witch of the east", "you dead (expletive)" and "you can run but you can't hide, you are a total low-life".

Johnson pleaded guilty in the Southport District Court to multiple charges including stalking with violence and in breach of a court order.

The glue was just the latest in a string of torment.
The glue was just the latest in a string of torment.

Crown prosecutor Cameron Wilkins said the stalking took place over five and a half months in mid-2017 after Johnson had broken up with his wife of 10 years.

He said the woman woke one morning to find the doors of her car shut with industrial strength glue.

"Ultimately that car was written off because of the costs to repair the damage was too high," Mr Wilkins said.

The insurer paid the woman $8000 for the car.


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The court was told Johnson suffered from a head injury, mental health issues and alcohol abuse problems.

Judge Ian Dearden sentenced him to 18 months prison to be immediately suspended.

He has also been ordered to spend two years on probation.

Johnson has spent 11 months in custody.