ENERGY DISCUSSION: Minister for Resources Senator Matt Canavan was focused on reducing power prices.
ENERGY DISCUSSION: Minister for Resources Senator Matt Canavan was focused on reducing power prices. Leighton Smith

Canavan explains what next for the LNP's energy policy

THE struggle to agree on the National Energy Guarantee, the coalition government's solution to Australia's energy and emissions policy vacuum, was the catalyst for conservatives to overthrow Malcolm Turnbull.

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan sought to explain how a Scott Morrison led government would now approach energy policy and meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement to reduce our carbon emissions to a target of 26 to 28 per cent lower by 2030.

Senator Canavan said he supported the separation of the energy and environment departments because the priority at the moment for the government was getting prices down.

He praised the promotion of Angus Taylor into the role of Energy Minister, or as the Prime Minister dubbed him, "the minister for getting electricity prices down".

The Minister for Resources offered his full support saying he wanted to hasten into a "new era of energy abundance" using every energy resource at their disposal.

"The new Prime Minister and new cabinet will meet in coming days to discuss the future steps to take on energy policy," Senator Canavan said.

He said the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) was always about doing two things.

"One, about establishing some firm reliability standards to ensure we don't have another blackout like we did in South Australia," he said.

"And two, to set our emissions reduction commitments as per Paris."

Senator Canavan said he believed the reliability targets were still very important and would still be progressed through the COAG energy council (of which he was a member).

"We remain very committed to making sure that our system does not prove vulnerable to changes in the energy system," he said.

"We saw over the weekend, New South Wales become disconnected from Queensland."

In terms of the government's intentions towards emissions reduction, the Senator said the government would not seek to legislate targets.

"But, as you can probably see from the forecasts, we are currently on track to meet our Paris commitments in any case and I'm sure that will continue to happen," he said.

"The Environment Department is conducting a review of broader climate change policies at the moment that we'll continue with.

"I'm sure there'll be a new Environment Minister to lead those."