CAN you shotgun a car park in a busy shopping centre with your body?

A woman in Auckland seemed to think so and video of a driver's infuriating encounter with her has sparked furious debate on social media.

A man took to Facebook to share vision of his tense stand-off with a woman and her young son, who stood in a space at Westfield St Lukes Mall in the New Zealand city and refused to move when he pulled in.

The pair were reserving the spot and weren't convinced by the man's polite request to get out of the way.

"Can you please move?" he is heard asking the woman.

"This is a public car park and I would like to park my family's vehicle here. You are obstructing my peace."

The woman didn’t flinch when the man beeped his horn for 20 seconds. She didn’t move either.
The woman didn’t flinch when the man beeped his horn for 20 seconds. She didn’t move either.

The woman, who was talking on her mobile phone, didn't respond so the driver leant on his horn for 20 seconds.

Understandably, her clearly embarrassed son hid behind her while she carried on chatting and waiting for whoever she was reserving the space for.

After 10 minutes, she gave up and the pair walked away.

Since it was updated on Sunday night, the video has clocked up 12,000 views and been shared widely, attracting plenty of bemused comments.

"Since when did people stand in car parks to reserve them? Silly woman should've just moved," one viewer said.

"It's first come, first served!" another chimed in.

However, plenty of people seemed to think her behaviour was acceptable and took exception to the man's aggressive use of his horn, especially given the presence of the child.

The original clip did not obscure or blur the faces of the woman and the boy, leading some to fear he might face bullying.

The incident bears some similarities to a video that went viral in January, showing a woman in China blocking the door of a train because her husband was running late.

Despite efforts by guards to move her on, she blocked the door with her body and clung to a handle for several minutes.

She was fined for the incident and issued a public apology after copping harsh criticism in the press.

And a YouTube clip of a car park incident in Flushing, in the New York City borough of Queens in the United States, also generated debate when a motorist got into a confrontation with a woman standing in a spot.

The fiery exchange was captured on dashcam.