Burdekin MP Dale Last. Picture: Evan Morgan
Burdekin MP Dale Last. Picture: Evan Morgan

Calls for permanent leadership at two CQ high schools

A CENTRAL Queensland leader believes the failure to appoint a permanent principal at two local high schools is adding more pressure to an already challenging year.

Dysart and Moranbah State High Schools both currently have temporary principals, which Member for Burdekin, Dale Last, says is simply not good enough.

While Mr Last said the acting principals were filling the roles to the highest standard, the fact their appointments were temporary was not acceptable.

“Obviously, you are going to have situations where a temporary appointment is needed from time to time,” he said.

“But to have the leader of a school being a temporary appointment for over 12 months is simply not good enough.

“In centres like Moranbah and Dysart, the high school principal is a key figure within the community but it’s almost impossible to form bonds with a community when you know you are acting in a temporary capacity.”

Mr Last said principals provided leadership, direction and consistency, and at those two schools, the students would be reluctant to forge those relationships because of the fact the acting principal was not there permanently.

“Obviously, in those huge schools in the city, there is a lower chance of interaction between the principal and any one student,” Mr Last said.

“But in smaller centres, those interactions can have a huge impact.

“I fully support the need for appointments to be handled by the department and not become a political issue.

“My problem is not with who is in the role of acting principal, it’s the fact that it’s a temporary role.

“From the acting principal’s point of view, you potentially have the situation where that person wants to settle in Dysart or Moranbah but, due to the nature of the appointment, they can’t make that decision.”

Education Minister Grace Grace has been contacted for comment.