Call for humane approach as asylum policies questioned

THE Greens have leapt on a poll revealing most Australian voters don't support either major party's stance on refugees, calling for a humane approach to asylum-seekers.

A Newspoll conducted for lobby group ChilOut found only 29% of 1200 voters supported sending "children, families and pregnant women" to offshore detention centres.

It also showed more than 56% of children, families and pregnant women should have their asylum-seeker claims assessed on shore, before resettlement in Australia.

Greens immigration spokeswoman Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said the poll results showed most people did not support offshore processing.

She said it did not matter who won the election, the challenges of dealing with refugees would need to be met by politicians working together.

The South Australian senator, who faces an uphill battle for re-election, said it was time for the government to "undercut" people smugglers.

She said if the nation allowed 40,000 people and funded faster processing of claims in Indonesia, they could "stop forcing people into the hands of people smugglers".