The car rolled onto its side after hitting a Jacaranda tree.
The car rolled onto its side after hitting a Jacaranda tree. Warren Powter

Bystanders rescue man trapped in car

BYSTANDERS jumped into action when an elderly gentleman rolled his Hyundai Getz on Fitzroy Street in between Hertz Car Rental and Riverside Bargains this morning.

"I heard the initial crash, then a bang as the car rolled onto its side," Riverside Bargains sales assistant, Jordan Danzey said.

"People started running from everywhere to help, some as far as (Grafton City) Batteries."

One witness said the man hit a Jacaranda tree before the car rolled onto its side.

When Mr Danzey arrived at the scene, he said there were multiple people attempting to pull the man from the car.

"Because the car was on its side, they were trying to pull him up and through the door but were having trouble so I ran around and opened the boot," he said.

Mr Danzey proceeded to pull out the contents of the boot, including a whipper snipper, until he could reach the man who was still visibly shocked.

"From what (the man) told me, he accidently hit the accelerator instead of the brake," Mr Danzey said.

The man was assisted by medical staff, however witnesses have said the man was in high spirits and able to walk after the incident.

Mr Danzey said he was impressed with how people from the community dropped everything to help a complete stranger.

"It was pretty incredible to see everyone help out like that," he said.

"I hope someone would do the same if I were ever in that situation."