Kevin Kenneth Hopkins faced court over a string of burglaries and car thefts.
Kevin Kenneth Hopkins faced court over a string of burglaries and car thefts.

Burglar sentenced over month-long crime spree

A THIEF went on a month-long burgling bender, breaking into homes and cars and racking up more than $38,000 in stolen goods and damages, a court has been told.

Kevin Kenneth Hopkins, 32, faced Brisbane District Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to 45 charges including burglary, break and enter, fraud and unlawful use of motor vehicles that occurred between October and November 2017 across Brisbane.

Hopkins, who had a 10-page criminal history of burglary across Ipswich and Brisbane, had already spent more than two years in jail because of a delay in legal negotiations.

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The court was told that Hopkins was serving a suspended sentence for similar offending when he broke into six houses, seven cars and a storage shed, stealing more than $8000 of handbags, laptops, sunglasses, mountain bikes and travel vouchers.

He also caused $27,600 in damages to the stolen vehicles, stole $1400 of alcohol from six bottle shops and spent more than $1300 on the stolen credit cards.

The court was told that Hopkins’s offending had caused some of his victims to feel unsafe in their own homes.

During one of the burglaries, Hopkins went to a woman’s home and asked for water but, when she fetched him a glass, he stole her handbag.

On another occasion Hopkins hit a man who tried to stop him snatching his partner’s handbag.

Defence barrister Dominic Nguyen said Hopkins’s offending had involved only “low-level violence”.

Mr Nguyen said Hopkins had ADHD, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and alcohol and drug issues, but had been clean during his time in jail.

Judge Michael Rackemann said Hopkins’s offending seemed to involve him “opportunistically breaking into cars and homes and stealing things of fairly low value”.

“The sheer volume of these offences occurring over a short period of time is a matter of concern,” he said.

“The offences saw you violating the cars and homes of your victims.”

Judge Rackemann said despite being a recidivist offender, it was clear Hopkins had already spent an “extraordinarily long” time in jail awaiting sentence.

After two years and four months behind bars, Hopkins was immediately released on parole.

He was given a head sentence of two years and eight months’ jail. – NewsRegional