Brumbies pick on the sand dunes on the way to Inskip Point at Rainbow Beach.
Brumbies pick on the sand dunes on the way to Inskip Point at Rainbow Beach. Craig Warhurst

Brumbies eye off the beach

HUMANS aren't the only ones enjoying a holiday at Inskip Point - brumbies have also taken to the beach life.

Three wild horses, including at least one male, were spotted soaking up the delights of Inskip beach on Saturday while others have been seen beside the Tin Can Bay Rd near Coondoo Creek and near Cooloola Coast Rd intersection, seeking out the green pick along the recently-slashed road edges.

In April last year, a small herd of brumbies moved into Rainbow Beach and started grazing in the town centre.

They also took a liking to the golf course, the helicopter landing pad near the surf club and on the centre block, and were the focus of backpackers keen to photograph wild horses.

The South East Queensland Brumby Association conducted an online survey in 2002 which estimated the brumby population at 180 to 240 horses.

Based on a conservative net annual increase of 15%, the estimated population in 2009 was 600. Without intervention, it may exceed 900 this year.

President and secretary of the SEQBA, Terry and Anne Wilson, are involved in a trapping and re-homing brumby program.

They are working in conjunction with Forestry Plantations Queensland and the Transport and Main Roads departments to identify and progressively target high-risk brumby locations - that is, those areas that pose a risk to motorists, including in the Toolara forest area.


Brumby facts

  • Brumbies live within the Tuan and Toolara state forests in the Kin Kin, Maryborough, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach areas.
  • The SEQBA catches brumbies in danger of being hit by vehicles and re-homes them.
  • To become a member of the South East Queensland Brumby Association, visit and download a membership form.
  • Members receive bi-annual newsletters, advice on barbecues, fundraising days and discounts on any workshops and brumby spotting tours.
  • Membership is $25 single and $45 family.