BUSHFIRE: Emergency services fight to contain a bushfire near Coonarr. Fanned by strong westerly winds the fire moved rapidly towards Goodwood Road, putting homes and farms at risk. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
BUSHFIRE: Emergency services fight to contain a bushfire near Coonarr. Fanned by strong westerly winds the fire moved rapidly towards Goodwood Road, putting homes and farms at risk. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail Max Fleet

UPDATE: Kinkuna fire now under control, homes safe

Update 1.10pm: NINE rural fire crews remain on the scene of a large grass fire at Kinkuna, which is now under control.

The fire, estimated to have affected a ground area of about 20 hectares in the Kinkuna and Coonarr areas, broke out about 10.45am and had 10 crews fighting it at its peak.

The urban crew from Bundaberg, which attended to protect any homes and other structures under threat, has now left the scene and the rural fire crews remain.

Homes in the area are now deemed to be safe and Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) has now downgraded the threat from "watch and act" to "advice".

RFSQ Bundaberg acting area director Phil Williams said the fast-moving westerly front had now been contained.

"There are no longer any houses at risk, but crews are working the perimeter of the fire," Mr Williams said.

"The fire had jumped the rail line and was heading towards Goodwood Rd at one stage, but that has been contained too.

"They'll be there for several more hours yet and we'll have to patrol it over the coming days."

He said crews from around the region attended the fire, including Coonarr, Branyan, Calavos and Goodwood.

Mr Williams said a cause for the fire was being investigated, but at this stage it was not believed to have been deliberately lit.

He warned people the warm and windy days, combined with very dry conditions right  now, were a worrying combination for the region's firefighters.

"Just be extremely vigilant with anything that could start a fire, even slashers or grinders," Mr Williams said.

"Right now anything can start very quickly."

He also warned motorists to drive to the conditions on Goodwood Rd, where there was still quite a heavy smoke haze.


Update 11.30am: IT IS believed the fire at Kinkuna is now heading towards Goodwood Rd and may have jumped over it and towards the railway line. 

Six rural fire crews are now working to contain the blaze, but a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said firefighters may not be able to protect every affected property. 

Landowners nearby are helping with a bulldozer to create breaks, but it is believed the fire has now jumped Goodwood Rd and is moving quickly. 

The QFES is also advising residents in the vicinity of Kinkuna and Coonarr to finalise their bushfire plans.   The QFES has issues a "watch and act" alert for the Kinkuna and Coonarr areas, , saying the fast-moving fire is travelling west and is expected to impact the areas of Coonarr Rd, Thieles Rd and Goodwood Rd within the next two hours.

Residents are advised that if their plan is to relocate or they do not have a plan, they should relocate now.

"Leaving well ahead of a fire is the safest option for survival," a QFES spokesperson said.

"Well prepared and defended homes can offer safety during the fire and may be defendable."

Residents should call 000 if their property comes under threat.

Residents should consider taking precautionary measures including:
- Putting on protective clothing;
- Drinking lots of water;
- Moving car/s to a safe location;
- Closing windows and doors and shutting blinds;
- Bringing pets inside, restraining them (leash, cage or secure room) and providing water;
- Wetting down fine fuels close to buildings;
- Removing garden furniture, doormats and other items;
- Sealing all gaps under doors and screens;
- Filling containers with water - eg bath, sinks, buckets, wheelie bins;
- Having ladders ready for roof space access (inside) and against roof (outside);
- Having a generator or petrol powered pump ready; and
- Checking and patrolling outside for embers, extinguishing any spot fires and seeking shelter as the fire front arrives.


Update11.05am: AT LEAST two rural fire crews are working to get a fire on DJL Dr, Coonarr, under control.

A helicopter is also at the scene water bombing the area and at least one structure on an acreage property is believed to have been destroyed, but so far no homes are under threat. 


Earlier: THERE are early reports of a large grass fire near Coonarr that is threatening several homes in the area.

Fire crews are believed to be on their way to the blaze, about 15km south of Bundaberg.

Four Way Kennels owner Leonie Driver, who lives on Coonarr Rd, told the NewsMail she was helping her neighbours to evacuate their animals as a precaution but that the kennels were not under threat at this stage. 

There is also believed to a heavy smoke haze on Goodwood Rd, and drivers are urged to take care or to take another route. 

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