The jet ski launches off the beach.
The jet ski launches off the beach.

Jet-skiers go to great lengths during 'beer rescue'

THE Australian male has a deep love of beer and will do amazing things to renew supply of his favourite drop.

Two jet ski riders at Rainbow Beach showed just how far some Aussie blokes will go to quench their thirst and save their favourite brew.

The pair rode their jet ski from Double Island Pt to Rainbow Beach to pick up some supplies on Sunday.

After purchasing a case of Heineken beer and what looked like a hot chook, they tried to get their jet ski back out through the surf for the return trip.

The manoeuvre proved to be a little tricky and the scene that followed wouldn't have been out of place on a humorous beer commercial.

The passenger decided to wade out and wait in neck high water with the Heineken above his head while the jet ski pilot came to pick him up.

The beer transfer was going well until the pilot held the carton above his head while the passenger put on a life vest.

As the passenger reclaimed the carton, the jet ski tipped and he and the carton fell back into the surf.

The beer lover had his priorities right though, holding his breath under water and the carton out of the water until help arrived.