Titus Welliver plays Detective Harry Bosch in the TV series Bosch.
Titus Welliver plays Detective Harry Bosch in the TV series Bosch. Jennifer Clasen

BOSCH: The show with a long fuse

BOSCH has been described as a slow burn, and its star Titus Welliver takes that as a compliment. The crime drama revolves around LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, the beloved character from Michael Connelly's best-selling novels.

While there may not be enough action for some viewers, the show remains true to the pace and style of the books.

"We give you the case but we don't have car chases and shoot-outs every episode," Titus tells Weekend.

"The episodes are like chapters in the book. We take the time telling the story and there's the reward at the end."

The 56-year-old Connecticut native is best known for his roles in Sons of Anarchy, Lost, Deadwood and NYPD Blue, as well as nearly every film Ben Affleck has directed.

With cameras currently rolling on season four of Bosch, and season three currently airing on SBS, Titus still relishes the chance to put on the badge - even if it is a prop.

"I grew up watching cop shows; I've always loved cop shows," he says.

"For me it's not an enormous leap that I would end up playing cops. I think there's great value in the standard procedural cop shows like Law & Order.

"But this is a very different tack... The case doesn't always end up being solved and to me that's good storytelling.

"What Connelly's books do is when you think you have it figured out he does some literary judo. That's fun and thought-provoking. I enjoy acting that more so."

In season three Bosch is still frustrated by the fact that he couldn't catch his mother's killer - whom he discovered was dead in season two.

"He gets new information regarding his mother's case that takes him down an even darker, more dangerous hole," Titus says. "I can tell you that it's far from a closed case.

"You'll also see in the third season that Bosch's moral compass gets a bit magnetised. He crosses a threshold of his own ethical lines while trying to catch a man who is a serial murderer and rapist."

Bosch must also navigate the pitfalls of being a single dad when his teenage daughter Maddie comes to live with him.

"Of course Harry is a very protective person to begin with but he's not dealing with a teenage boy, which he probably could somewhat navigate," Titus says. "Talking about a boy or menstruation or sexuality is abject terror for him."

Season three of Bosch airs Thursdays at 9.35pm on SBS.