Locky and Brooke had a close relationship.
Locky and Brooke had a close relationship.

Big unanswered question about new Bach

Locky Gilbert was last night voted off Survivor: All Stars, and in a rapid turnaround has this morning been unveiled as our new Bachelor for 2020.

And already some controversy is bubbling over the 30-year-old adventure guide's true intentions to appear on Channel 10's uber-popular dating show.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford claimed on Twitter this morning that Locky had "told friends in Perth he's doing this purely for publicity and fame", adding, "He's even invited his ex-girlfriend to be on the show so they can reunite!"

The claims were put to Gilbert on hit 107 Adelaide's Bec & Cosi show this morning, who said, "That's pretty false. Like, I don't know where he's (Ford) getting that from," he said.

"Obviously a whole lot of stuff is going to come out but I'm definitely in it for the right reasons.

"I don't know how I can bring my ex-girlfriend along - I'm pretty sure she's dating someone else."

It comes as fans raised questions about his close bond with fellow Survivor co-star, Brooke Jowett, whom he appeared to share a romantic connection with during his time on the show.

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Bachelor Australia Star Locky Gilbert. Supplied: Ten
Bachelor Australia Star Locky Gilbert. Supplied: Ten

And Jowett has been quite active on social media this morning, seemingly disheartened by news Gilbert will be the new Bachie.

Jowett responded to a tweet about the announcement this morning, using a GIF of The Simpsons character Milhouse playing alone saying, "Me as of today".

Another user chimed in and said Jowett should be "shooting for the likes of Liam Hemsworth, no offence Locky", to which Jowett responded, "Love you chick!".

Brooke responded to a tweet this morning.
Brooke responded to a tweet this morning.

Gilbert also took to Instagram this morning to drop his good news, with a commenter writing, "@brookejowett as an intruder?", which Jowett liked.

When asked about his connection with Jowett on The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, Gilbert said Jowett "really helped me in the game".

"Brooke's an amazing girl, it was filmed five months ago, so that's quite a while ago now," he said.



"The show … You want to have a person you can fully trust, if you don't, you'll lose your mind.

"Me and Brooke connected, we had lots to talk about, so that really helped me in the game."

Despite Gilbert seemingly brushing off a romantic connection, Jowett told TVWeek this week that the pair grew apart after filming in September, but added their relationship was "still on the cards".

"I think he's great, but I won't be having his child any time soon," the 27-year-old said.

"It's still on the cards. We haven't completely written it off, it's just very complicated with the distance. It's such an obstacle."

Gilbert is based between Perth and Bali, while Jowett works as a personal trainer in Melbourne.

When discussing his past love life, Gilbert said he has previously gotten "too excitable" to settle down.

"I've had a couple of long relationships but I think I'm just too excitable," he said.

"I get an idea and run with it.

"I don't think about consequences, if I want to climb a mountain, I'll go do it.

"But I need someone to reign me in. I'm ready to find that one person that's like 'No Locky, let's stay home', then I'll do that."

His previous relationship was with Jordan Cayless, who appeared on the recent season of Love Island Australia.

In photos dated just over a year ago, the couple are seen posing together and sharing kisses.

They seem to have called it quits in early to mid-2019.