A python preparing to eat a neighbourhood cat.
A python preparing to eat a neighbourhood cat. Contributed

Big snake makes a meal out of moggie

STEVE Brierley has been maintaining properties for nearly seven years and in that time he has never seen anything quite as shocking as what confronted him last week.

While completing his daily maintenance chores at Whitsunday Harbour Apartments, Mr Brierley stumbled across a 3.5m long python wrapped around a domestic cat.

"I was walking around the gardens, clearing debris, when I saw a great big python trying to eat a cat on top of a big drain," he said.

"I must have disturbed him because as soon as he saw me he closed his mouth and stopped what he was doing.

"It was a rare and very interesting thing to see."

As soon as Mr Brierley spotted the snake he quickly contacted a resident who took some confronting photos and tracked down the cat's owner.

Whitsunday Landcare Catchment co-ordinator Cath Campbell said cat owners needed to be aware of their pet's whereabouts to avoid potentially deadly situations. 

She said cats were in danger of being attacked or killed and were capable of killing other wildlife such as birds and lizards if allowed to roam freely.

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"I don't think cats are rampant killers but pet owners need to make sure their animals are kept restrained," she said.

Ms Campbell suggests enclosed verandas and harnesses to keep cats in one area and aviaries for bird owners to keep their birds safe.

Mr Brierley said the occurrence should be a warning for all pet owners as we head into the cooler months.

"Everyone should keep an eye on their pets because the weather is getting colder and snakes are looking for food before they go into hibernation," he said.