TALENT: Matildas player Laura Alleway poses for a photo ahead of the FIFA Women's World Cup in France this year.
TALENT: Matildas player Laura Alleway poses for a photo ahead of the FIFA Women's World Cup in France this year. BIANCA DE MARCHI

BEHIND THE DESK: Is the FFA's equal pay model fair?


Mitchell Keenan

FOOTBALL Federation Australia's announcement on Wednesday to close the pay gap between the Socceroos and Matildas was a huge coup, not just for the sport but for all women's sport in the country and possibly the world.

Boasting some of the best female stars in the world, the Matildas have been a force for some time and the deal will see the side's best players' annual pay rate rise from $60,000 to $100,000.

This is a huge incentive for current and aspiring representatives to don the green and gold.

Women's sport is in a difficult place right now, with a large percentage of girls dropping all sport for good between the ages of 14 and 16, but as our nation's sporting federations come closer to equality, I believe more women will look to play on.

Obviously money isn't everything to athletes but for W-League players who can only earn a limited amount and more often than not have full-time jobs, to be appropriately rewarded for their time and effort is huge.

AFLW is another sport that has seen a meteoric rise in the industry and with our country thriving off the success of women's sport, I believe before too long other codes in Australia and overseas will look to follow suit.

While I think some sports have a long way to go to be presented as well as women's football in Australia, I believe this will be the spark that further ignites the flame within female athletes around the world.


Tim Jarrett

THE equal pay deal for the Matildas is monumental at on a number of levels and could have a worldwide ramifications.

The impact this deal will have for the women vying for a place in the Matildas is obviously huge at a personal level.

The days of working another job in order to make ends meet will be a thing of the past, at least for the games' elite, and it will lessen the sacrifices they have to make to get to the top.

But it is the commitment to improve facilities and workplace standards that has the potential to create a team of world beaters.

All the physiotherapists, sports scientists and coaches that are integral to the success of elite sporting teams will now become available to the Matildas, offering untold advantages in international competitions.

While access to business class flights is not going to win you the World Cup on its own, the raising of professional standards as a whole can give teams an edge and football administrations across the globe will be watching carefully.

Like it or not, sport is a money game and more often than not the teams that invest the most win the most, so a deal of this magnitude could spark a veritable arms race.

It will be fascinating to see how the women's game develops now, and the type of impact it has on and off the pitch.

Naturally, this generation of players together with a deal such as this, big things will be expected.