PLAY IT SAFE: Log your details with Marine Rescue.
PLAY IT SAFE: Log your details with Marine Rescue. Brock Henry

Be on the safe side and log on with Marine Rescue

Less than half the boaties who head out on the water log on with Coffs Harbour Marine Rescue beforehand.

Unit Commander Russell Shelton wants to boost this number.

"It's a very important safety measure. I've been on the water most of my life and you need everything going for you,” he stressed.

Boaties are urged to log a number of simple details like the number of people on board, the intended destination and an estimated time of return.

"If you do log on with us and need assistance, it makes our job that much easier in proving the necessary assistance if we have the vessel details.

"We've had the situation where people have got into trouble and capsized and we didn't know how many people we were looking for.”

A free app has been designed to make it easier for boaters to 'Log On, Log Off and stay safe'. Search for the MarineRescue App or go to for more details.

Mr Shelton says it was 'pretty frantic' in the lead up to Christmas but in recent days it's been pretty quiet.

"With the wind the way it's been, not as many boats have gone out as usual, but there's still a month to go in the holidays.”

In addition to logging on with Marine Rescue, commander Shelton encourages people to conduct a basic maintenance check on their vessels - particularly if they've been sitting idle in the lead up to the holidays.

"Fuel goes off if it's not used regularly so that can cause problems with engines.”