The Body Armour team in Brisbane.
The Body Armour team in Brisbane.

How Vegas trip ended in launch of unique Qld startup

FOUR mates who met in the mines have come back to Brisbane to launch a startup, selling a drink that claims to reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

After previous roles in human resources and industrial engineering respectively, brothers Toni and Oisin McQuinn, along with long-time friends Tadhg MacMathuna, an electrician, and Patrick Sargent, who also comes from a human resources background, launched Body Armour in October last year following several years in development.

The idea came to Toni after a trip overseas, celebrating his 30th birthday in Las Vegas.

"As you do in Vegas, we got too excited, partied a little too hard and I ended up in one of those infamous Vegas medical centres hooked up to a drip,"
Toni says.

"We couldn't get over how good we felt the next day.

"I thought how is a product similar to this not in a country like Ireland and Australia?

"So, the second I got back home, we got to work and our three-year journey began."


The Body Armour team in Brisbane.
The Body Armour team in Brisbane.


The company says it has now secured TGA approval for its tonic and hopes to use their growing platform to push the message of healthier and responsible drinking.

In addition to being available online, Body Armour is stocked in 30 venues across Queensland, including pharmacies, bars and bottle shops, with another 31 in final discussions.

The men have funded a large amount of the project themselves but have also secured about $230,000 of investment.

"Once we had a formula down pat, tested and proven, we approached a number of investors, in and out of our circle of friends," Toni says.

"Given the magnitude of which we are planning to take this organisation, we did offer up a percentage of the business to get silent investors on board."