QUEENSLAND CALLING: They want NSW businesses to move up north.
QUEENSLAND CALLING: They want NSW businesses to move up north. PHU TANG

Bald-faced banana benders eye NSW businesses

THOSE thick-as thieves up in Queensland have launched a shameless campaign to pilfer businesses away from New South Wales.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was a guest in our fine state when she spruiked her boorish plan to lure NSW companies into Queensland's mosquito-infested folds on Tuesday.

While in Sydney to promote the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, she boasted her state's taxes were $1125 lower per person than NSW's, completely ignoring the fact most people in God's own state would happily shell out a thousand-odd dollars to avoid interacting with banana benders.

She was particularly proud of her government establishing the $40 million Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund to attract interstate and overseas businesses.

The "investment attraction" she referred to included facilitation and case management from the Department of State Development, payroll tax rebates, transfer duty concessions, or in some cases, cash grants.

"There was a net migration of 4860 people from NSW to Queensland in the 12 months until 30 June last year. I am keen to encourage more businesses to also move north," Ms Palaszczuk said.

Queensland's payroll tax rate is the lowest in the country at 4.75% compared to 5.45% in NSW.

The threshold for employers paying payroll tax in Queensland is $1.1 million a year compared to $750,000 in NSW.

On the other hand...

Reasons why NSW is better than Qld

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