A serial unlicensed driver was caught in a bizarre situation by police.
A serial unlicensed driver was caught in a bizarre situation by police.

Baffling reason serial unlicensed driver behind wheel

A Gold Coast serial unlicensed driver had a bizarre reason to be behind the wheel when police caught him driving without a licence - for the fourteenth time.

Shannon Leigh Mulcahy was parked and had just put his van into reverse when police swooped and caught him driving unlicensed.

Mulcahy claims he was just moving his van back to give the car in front of him more space.

He latest discretion means he will not be legally allowed to drive until 2023.

Mulcahy pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday to driving without a licence.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Nilian Lynch said police were at another incident in Runaway Bay on May 16 when they saw Mulcahy get into his parked van and the reversing lights come on.

She said the officers dealt with the incident and when they returned, the van was empty.

The court was told officers waited around the corner and saw Mulcahy return to the van, get into the driver's side and the reversing lights go on.

It was then they pounced.

"He told police he was in the driver's seat and in reverse so he moved it back so it wasn't so close to the car parked in front (of the van)," Sen Const Lynch said.

She told the court Mulcahy had been previously convicted of driving without a licence 13 times since 2014.

He was already banned from driving until 2021.

Mulcahy's lawyer Jodi Allen, of Allen & Searing Criminal Lawyers, said it should be taken into account why Mulcahy was driving.

"He was moving a vehicle back into a park," she said.

Ms Allen said the 33-year-old had not been caught behind the wheel since 2016.

Magistrate Kerry Magee fined Mulcahy $1000 and disqualified him from driving for another two years.

"Your history indicates someone who disregards the laws with licencing," she said.

"You have shown a remarkable disrespect for the laws and their authority."

She said she took into account the reason he was driving and that he had not driven for two years.