RYAN Jones provided the most dramatic exit of The Bachelorette so far last night, when he was seen storming off in an expletive-filled huff after Sophie Monk told him to stop wasting his time.

The resident 'villain' left Sophie looking visibly shocked at his tirade after he told her he "wasn't sure" he wanted to date her yet.

"I'm sure I wanna be here and fall in love. You're not sure," she told him before he left. "And there's guys that definitely want to be with me. And I want someone that loves me 100 per cent.

"I want someone that wants me - so I'm gonna choose them over you. I just think you should go off and meet the right girl."

Bachelorette 'villain' Ryan has revealed what really happened after Sophie dumped him.
Bachelorette 'villain' Ryan has revealed what really happened after Sophie dumped him.

As Ryan stalked off, we heard him spit back at her angrily: "F*ck. It's f*ckin bulls**t."

But according to Ryan, his rage had nothing to do with our Bachelorette - and had everything to do with crackin' a coldie.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O this morning, the Kiwi-born reality hopeful claimed he gave Sophie "a kiss goodbye and walked off" before asking a nearby producer for a beer.

"I said, 'are there beers on ice?' And he said no, and I said 'this is effing bulls**t,'" Ryan told the KIIS hosts.

He said he'd deserved one after having such a shocking day, which had also seen he and the other guys forced to dress up like schoolboys to run through a series of tests.

"What a stitch-up - no beers on ice? See what I had to go through, dressed up like a schoolboy, and there's not even a beer?" Ryan joked.

Kyle and Jackie O also asked him the burning question we're all dying to know: who the hell peed in Jarrod's pot plant, killing it?

"It wasn't Blake," Ryan laughed, eliminating the number one suspect.

Investigations will continue.