Apollo Jackson will attempt a death-defying stunt on Australia's Got Talent.
Apollo Jackson will attempt a death-defying stunt on Australia's Got Talent. Annette Dew

Bachelor hunk returning to our screens

APOLLO Jackson got hearts racing in Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette and he was in high demand on Bachelor in Paradise.

Now, he's going to quicken the pulses of viewers in a much more shocking way on Australia's Got Talent.

The Gold Coast-based actor, musician and magician, whose real name is Jake Spence, hopes to pull off one of his riskiest stunts to date on Seven's reboot of the reality talent quest.

In footage released by Seven, the audience and judges can be heard gasping and screaming as Jackson is set on fire and suspended above a bed of spikes. 

To create even more suspense, Jackson must free himself from a straight jacket and then reach a switch inside a locked and chained box to stop the pulley system from dropping him face-first on to the spikes.

"I don't feel very good about this,"' judge Lucy Durack says.

Apollo AGT: Apollo Jackson will perform a magic trick on Seven's reboot of Australia's Got Talent.

As the stunt gets underway, judges Shane Jacobson and Manu Feildel express concern about Apollo's arm being on fire once he has removed the straight jacket.

"I'm really nervous about this," Jackson says. "There's a chance things could go seriously wrong. I'm willing to risk my life on stage for this."

Fans will have to tune into the show, which is hosted by Ricki-Lee Coulter, to find out if Jackson pulls off the feat. 

Australia's Got Talent comes to Sundays soon on Seven.