The east coast is about to get cold. Picture: BOM
The east coast is about to get cold. Picture: BOM

Cold snap coming for east coast

DON'T start hauling out the beach umbrellas and summer swimwear just yet - cooler weather is about to hit Australia's east coast again.

Melbourne will be the worst affected, dropping from a hot 31C on Tuesday to 20C on Wednesday.

And Sydney is set for a week of showers after being graced with clear conditions perfect for the beach across the weekend.

Temperatures around the low to mid 20s are forecast this week across New South Wales and Victoria.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Tristan Meyers said Melbourne would be hit with pretty thick cloud and fog but conditions would gradually return to being sunny by the weekend.

"For Sydney it's a bit of a different story, with a chance of showers and storms on Wednesday," Mr Meyers said.

"Unfortunately those showers are set to stick around into the weekend, and it's going to be quite wet on Saturday morning and afternoon.

"It's definitely a change of pace from the nice weather we've had over the past couple of days."

Mr Meyers said temperatures would drop three or four degrees, which was a couple of degrees below average for this time of year.


The east coast is about to get cold. Picture: BOM
The east coast is about to get cold. Picture: BOM

Canberra will be less affected by the cool change passing over NSW over the coming days.

Further south, a cold front moving towards Tasmania is driving low cloud over South Australia and the southern coast of Western Australia.

Further north along the east coast, it's no surprise Queensland will escape the cold and stay relatively warm.

Spring is said to be the most changeable season for Melbourne.

"The spring months are where you see the biggest contrast," said Tom Fejes of the Bureau of Meteorology.

"This is partly due to the city's proximity to the northern ranges. As the weather warms up, hot air sweeps down towards the south, bringing warmer temperatures with them.

"Sydney gets these big southerly busts coming through too, but with the humidity you don't notice it as much."