ON EAR: With today's technology, hearing aids can be almost invisible, such as this one.
ON EAR: With today's technology, hearing aids can be almost invisible, such as this one. Contributed

Australian Hearing can help

IF you need to have the TV turned up loud, or you have problems catching conversations, you may need to see the experts at Australian Hearing.

Australian Hearing is the nation's leading hearing specialist, researcher and largest provider of government-funded hearing service and, this year, they are celebrating 70 years of business.

They provide subsidised hearing care for eligible people including pensioners, veterans, children and young adults under 26, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 50 and adults with complex hearing needs.

By 2050, one in four Australian's will have a hearing loss so one of Australian Hearing's goals is to increase awareness in the Coffs Region.

This month, the team is celebrating Hearing Awareness Week so you will be seeing more of them in the community, making hearing checks.

In the past three years alone, they have made more than 7000.

Because expert advice should be available to everyone, Australian Hearing offers audiologists who have had specialised training who listen to what is important to clients and help show them all of the options - they aren't just a hearing aid provider.

Back to that television set - the team is also able to supply the latest devices like Bluetooth hearing aids which can connect with your television and your phone.

At the Living Well Expo, you'll find Australian Hearing at the famous Hearing Bus, offering free hearing screenings to everyone.

They will also have a stand so you can go along and ask any questions you have. Not only that, but they will be providing hearing devices during the event.

Australian Hearing has four locations, in Woolgoolga, Coffs Central, Toormina and Nambucca.

Australian Hearing,

2 Lyster Street, Coffs Harbour, www.hearing.com.au

Phone: (02) 66520700