The incident took place at Woolgoolga Main Beach.
The incident took place at Woolgoolga Main Beach. Trevor Veale

'Aussie hero': Teenage girl saves young boy from rip

A LOCAL family are attempting to track down a teenage girl who they've dubbed a "true Aussie hero" after she saved a boy's life at a Coffs Coast beach on Australia Day.

Jill Mitchell contacted the Advocate this week hoping to identify the girl.

Ms Mitchell said her son-in-law Eddy had taken his son down to Woolgoolga Main Beach for a swim at around 7pm on Saturday.

Carrying a bodyboard, they were met with a panicked woman who informed them her son was struggling in a rip.

Eddy told the woman to ring 000 and jumped into the surf with his bodyboard.

Reaching him, Eddy saw the teenage girl had already reached the scene and was holding the boy up to prevent him from drowning.

Both the boy and the teenage girl were exhausted, and Eddy took them back to shore.

The father of the boy was "so grateful and thankful" that Eddy had saved his son, Ms Mitchell said.

"But the real hero is the unidentified teen who risked her own life and went out immediately to save the boy and hold him up until Eddy arrived," she said.

"She is a true Aussie hero on Australia Day as there certainly would've been another drowning statistic.

"She saved a life yesterday and would've been in shock herself, so we hope she is recovering from the ordeal.

"Her parents need to know the hero she is and she needs to be recognised."

Do you know who the girl is? Let us know at or call 6650 2900.

Remember - never attempt a rescue without a floatation device.