Australian natives make a stunning bouquet.
Australian natives make a stunning bouquet. InspiredFootage

Aussie flowers are a cut above

Lots of Australian native plants make great cut flowers, and many of these are easy to grow in your garden.

Top of the list is probably kangaroo paw (anigozanthos) because they are easy to grow, quick to bloom, bloom for a long time and come in a wide range of colours.

Banksias and telopeas are especially good. Grevilleas work well too, especially Sylvia, Moonlight and Majestic.

NSW Christmas bush (ceratopetalum gummiferum) has a profusion of pretty pinky-red flowers at the ends of the stems and the glossy foliage is very attractive, too. This is in bloom in late spring/early summer.

In winter and spring, tea-tree blossom (leptospermum) is very pretty and you can get pinks, reds and whites. Another choice for winter/spring flowering is rice flower (ozothamnus diosmifolius), which has white, pink or apricot coloured blooms.

Wax flower (philotheca myoporoides) produces lovely pink buds that open to star-shaped white flowers, and blooms for several months from winter into spring. It's great for small gardens.

Another good plant for small gardens and for mass planting as a groundcover, is Billy Buttons (pycnosorus globosus), which grows as a clump of silvery grey leaves from which bright yellow flowers emerge on tall, sturdy stems.

Silver dollar eucalypt (eucalyptus cinerea) has very distinctive, circular bluey green leaves with a lovely subtle scent. Grevillea baileyana foliage is also lovely. The deeply lobed leaves have a delightful rusty underside - a bit like a magnolia grandiflora.

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