A number of individuals have been sentenced for criminal offences at Coffs Harbour Local Court this week.
A number of individuals have been sentenced for criminal offences at Coffs Harbour Local Court this week.

Assaults, break-ins and more: This week in Local Court

FROM assaults, break-ins to drink driving offences, here are some of the matters that were finalised in Coffs Harbour Local Court this week.


- Ashleigh Maree Devitt pleaded guilty to common assault.

The court heard on March 6 Devitt was driving behind the victim in Coffs Harbour, before stopping directly behind him at a red traffic light.

According to the police facts she stepped out of her vehicle and yelled at the victim. She then approached to driver's side door where the victim spat on her, and she responded with the assault.

Magistrate Ian Rodgers said Devitt tried to slap the man through the door towards the head, and there was an altercation.

Magistrate Rodgers said Devitt had a criminal history and had been given a good behaviour bond for a common assault in 2018.

According to her sentence assessment report, Devitt had expressed remorse for her actions which were described as impulsive.

Magistrate Rodgers took into account the issue of provocation when handing down his sentence.

Devitt was convicted and given a 12 month Community Corrections Order.


- James Anthony Walsh pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The court heard that in April, while Walsh was temporarily staying in the Central West region for work, he and his two housemates had been drinking when a verbal argument took place.

A witness then reported seeing Walsh laying on top of the victim, with the victim in a headlock.

The witness said the victim's eye had swelled and blistered.

Magistrate Rodgers said he accepted there was potentially an issue of provocation in the matter, however he said Walsh's actions were excessive.

Walsh was convicted and fined $800.

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- Toby Shepherd pleaded guilty to a charge of break, enter and steal.

The court heard on April 30, Shepherd and a co-accused organised to break into a phone repair shop in Coffs Harbour.

They threw bricks through the window of the shop before taking off with iPhones, iPads and headphones.

The offence was captured on CCTV.

When handing down his sentence, Magistrate Rodgers took into account Shepherd's past issues with drug use, including alcohol and methamphetamine.

He also took into account Shepherd's clean record, young age and the fact he may have potentially been led by other people in committing the offence.

He was sentenced to an 18 month Community Corrections Order and a minimum of 150 hours community service.

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- Kyla Whitton pleaded guilty to two counts of affray and one of larceny.

It was heard that on the February 22, Whitton was at bottle shop BWS when she left the store with a stolen bottle of whiskey worth $68 hidden inside her jacket.

The next day, at around 8.15pm, Whitton was with two other women in the Park Beach Plaza parking lot when they began asking a number of people for cigarettes.

Magistrate Rodgers said after being rejected, the women began using offensive language before punching and kicking three vehicles, causing significant damage.

He said Whitton used her right hand and punched a male twice in the face during the attack.

When handing down his sentence, Magistrate Rodgers took into account an argument from the defence that due to family issues, Whitton was facing significant emotional challenges which saw her turn to alcohol.

She was sentenced to an eight month custodial sentence, served by way of an Intensive Corrections Order and was fined $440.

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- Kuldip Singh pleaded guilty to a charge of mid range drink driving.

The court heard Singh has been pulled over in Coffs Harbour on May 28 after police reportedly saw his vehicle weaving along the road.

Magistrate Rodgers said the fact there was an issue in relation to the manner of driving made the offence more serious.

He said Singh had two previous drink driving matters on his record, including a High Range PCA in 2006 and a mid range PCA in 2017.

He was sentenced to a 9 month Community Corrections Order, had his licence disqualified for six months, and was given an interlock period of 24 months.

He was also fined $1,000.