Arlo after giving blood samples.
Arlo after giving blood samples.

Arlo ‘soldiering on’ and taking the pain of chemo treatment

ALTHOUGH they'd probably trade all the money in the world to have a child that's no longer sick, the family of a four year old Bangalow leukaemia patient Arlo Ozols say they will be "forever grateful" for fundraising efforts which have so far yielded more than $50,000.

It's going to ease the immediate financial stress for the family as Arlo receives chemotherapy at Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital.

The good news is that the family are all out of quarantine in Queensland and can be together in Alro's latest battle against this debilitating condition.

The effort to raise funds to support the family via Gofundme have now topped $50,000.

In a statement on the Gofundme website Arlo's father Rowan Ozols thanked people for their support.

Arlo Ozols in happier times.
Arlo Ozols in happier times.

"To each and everyone who has generously donated and shared our story, we will be forever grateful," he said.

"We would give it all back in a heartbeat not to be in this position again.

"Arlo is being a little trooper although there has been a number of side effects which we are having to deal with due to the high strength and intensity of the current chemo.

"He is soldiering on each day taking the pain and the side effects on one day at a time.

"To watch him still smile through this and ask when he can go home to see his friends, knowing it is a long time off is the unbelievably painful."

The family has rented a unit close by the hospital which will be its base while in Brisbane for the next six months.

"All this would not be possible again without your generous support and donation," Rowan Ozols said.