John Arkan.
John Arkan.

Arkan wants Coffs to be "can do"


IN one sentence mayoral candidate John Arkan sums up what he would be working toward if elected as Coffs Harbour Mayor on September 8.

"The message that I'm getting wherever I go is 'when are we going to finish this? When are we going to finish that?' It's time to finish projects," Cr Arkan said.

The Woolgoolga Councillor wants to make it a priority to finish the the Jetty precinct as well as being a catalyst for the proposed arts and cultural area among other projects.

"We've spoken about skate parks for the kids, let's get these things happening," he said.

Cr Arkan also has a group behind him running for Council with Mark Sultana, Graeme Ness and Sarah Rose - all Northern Beaches locals - and part of the Liberal Party ticket.

This is the first time the Liberal Party has organised a ticket in a Coffs Harbour City Council election and Cr Arkan said it makes sense for people to vote along those party lines.

"We have a Liberal State Government and a local member here that's in government as well with the National Party, I think it's very sensible that we align ourselves as a Liberal mayor to be able to resource," he said.

"Nothing gets done without money and the fully endorsed Liberal ticket will allow resources to come to Coffs Harbour. Then we can go ahead and make it happen. Otherwise we are joshing, we are leading people up the garden path.

"There is no money in Coffs Harbour City Council, we need to be able to manage the funds that are coming in. We need to be able to add resources to it to make sure we can finish projects which is what our people deserve."

Cr Arkan added a strong relationship with the other levels government can only be a blessing for the region.

"There's no hiding this, there has been ongoing ill feeling if you want to call it that with the local member and the Mayor and I feel as a Liberal mayor that I would be able to work with Andrew Fraser," he said.

"It would be a relationship that will go on and Coffs Harbour will benefit from it and that's important."